swimsuits i love and a little motivation as beach countdown continues.

cant wait:)

hump day.

yesterday was not a good will be better. time to get over the hump.

i miss you.

trying to imagine how it might sound if I just yelled out what if I kissed you right now would it bring us any closer take the weight off our shoulders take me i’m yours and I don’t really care who knows it


frou frou.

so, let go, let go jump in oh well, what you waiting for? it's all right 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown so, let go, let go just get in oh, it's so amazing here it's all right 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

it gains the more it gives and then it rises with the fall so hand me that remote can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow? such boundless pleasure we've no time for later now you can't await your own arrival you've twenty seconds to comply


when you want skinny waist and legs that never end...

trade your "skinny" jeans in for a wide leg.


i thought i was old when i turned 25. and im pretty sure my plan was to start lying and stick with 25 for awhile. i feel old and then i realized every year seems to get better. so, im 26 and im going to love it. new goals. new ideas. new year. im turning my serious birthday face into a smile.  getting old wont be that bad.